Reflection by Andrew Wall

Through one way mirrors we look,
Reflecting all that others are
Afraid to reveal what we truly are,
Hiding ourselves behind layers of disguises and glass,
Afraid of ridicule and shame,
Even I am to blame,
Or reasons of judgment and fame.

No one can remain behind mirrors forever,
Unless they are oh so quite clever,
Although they will have no true friends,
And no one will ever truly know or love them,
Until their very ends,
They live life with a mask on their face,
And live forever in shadow,
Timid and scared they will never leave their mirror

If ever one reveals themselves,
Others shall turn and reflect like a hall of mirrors,
With this fear we keep out of sight,
But when we feel safe we step out, into the light,
Then we are free to e ourselves,
No longer trapped behind the mirror,
We dance and sing and do what we do,
While others turn and reflect ourselves too.

The link below is to see more of his stories and poems.


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